Guarantee has the gurantee if you are not satisfied with plans, notes or courses, you can get another one of equal value.

On devices, they have had people claiming not to have received the unit thus they loose that and also risk paypal or whoever shutting down their account. Thus the 2 years being a covenant partner on some of the devices.

I am leaning towards setting up distributorships of those that buy devices and will show others for getting 5% commission. That way people realize more that it works and or can feel more confident shipping to those distributorships.

My viewpoint for me is make it simple and low cost. Anyone that buys and is happy can be a distributor. No big down fees. Simple 1 to 5 page agreements with a arbitration agreement in it.

On the Ron Brandt plans through my website, I believe I have provided enough information for a person to know what they will be getting. Please this is an expensive project compared to so many plans that for $50, you can go to the hardware store and buy everything you need to supply all the heating and electricity for your home.

Have you ever thought that is another Roth, Rock or Dirty Tricks by Top Names to think when somebody charges more realistic numbers, everybody is so upset and hurt it isn't a scam like the ones they just paid for?

If you find any of those plans that work like they claim, I have a $1M Reward online at$1MRewards.html