1. What I learned from witts.ws is that regular electricity can be divided into 3 fields of electricity on a circle with polar, parapolar & dipolar being on the outside edges 120 degrees apart. Similar to Keely's 3 musical chords. If it is too much polar, it builds up and burns out. Too much dipolar drops the energies down. Parapolar gets more into antigravity effects.

The open secret for overunity insiders is that 1 in a 1,000 people are highly polar so their devices work overunity. But drop out when they leave the room such as internet posting reports on John Bedini and with those buying Richard Willis's devices going underunity in about a week if that long.

Dirty Tricks by Top Names has more information about that.

There are reports that consulting to witts.ws is too high. And if he really had what he claims, there wouldn't be enough money to pay for it?

Ask yourself who is saying that and why?

I like the politician that said he would make an agreement with his opponent in a heated presidential race, "I agree that if he will stop telling lies about me (others), I will stop telling the truth about him."

I also wonder how pertinate Stalin's remark is: "Call the opponent what you are. And tell the exact opposite of the truth."

It is one thing to have the Roths/Rocks go around bribing, blackmailing, using executive actions (ie murder) against any movement that might help the people like overunity freer energy devices.

It is another to have like the Chinese say: "A man steals a horse, he is a thief. He steals a kingdom, he becomes a king."

Look at the millions various Top Names and Corporate Kings have raised with nothing to show for it except fancy websites, lingo, promises and some little demonstrations often with meters reading on the wrong scale, resonant loads instead of resistive, not using real loads like dyno (Prony) tests. That separates the real from the unreal or fictional. With all my research, I have uncovered only 3 dyno tests of others that I trust for myself as being valid. There are others but often those tests are seized, buried or covered up. I am looking for others such as in the $1M Rewards.

Joseph Newman's dyno test done at Lawrence Technological University.

Edwn Gray's Motor Test done at the Crosby Research Institute September 27, 1973.

Hans Becker's relative test on Ron Brandt's motor. And that was before several hundred thousand was spent on upgrades on the controllers. Manitoba Hydro head back in 1996 told me they were in a consortium of electrical companies that spent $20M just to develop a slow soft startup on higher hp electrical motors on single phase lines. They needed that especially in Austrailia with long single strand power lines.

But he was so brain washed with his Rock Cartel Education that he wouldn't believe Joseph Newman's dyno test that I faxed him or check it out further. Maybe a person doesn't want to admit that $20M wasn't the best allocation of corporate resources? The engineer down below was quite interested as is often the case.

I have known Timothy Thrapp since 1996. I have been in a joint venture arrangement with him since 2000. If others want to be skeptical about his statements, feel free. Edwin Gray had most of his motors and documents stolen (seized by the government).

Proof is hard to come by when that happens and bank accounts are shut down and seized on top of that. Which is exactly why the Roths/Rocks do that.

Some look for credentials like Ph.D's, disertations with long words that a person has to use a dictionary to understand. I look for those that have gone to jail, had assets seized, bank accounts shut down, threatened or killed. That to me is the real credentials that indicate they must have had something pretty good for that to happen.

And if they can put it simply so a person can understand it like Ron Brandt or Timothy, I would much rather learn from them myself.