Reverse Engineered ET Craft Drawing

Behold A Pale Horse by Willam Cooper ex Naval Intelligence Officer is super fantastic    scroll to page 406

Cooper has an engineers drawing of a reverse engineered ET craft by Northrop, McDonald Douglas and General Electric.

p468 Iron Mountain Report - snips Poisoning of air, food & water supply is well advanced and would seem promising - generation or generation and a half before sufficiently menacing, could speed up the process enough to make the threat credible much sooner etc.

Treaties with ET's broken by more abductions, trauma etc. than agreed. 1 in 40 implanted. Reports now that 1 in 10 implanted.

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars - Along with Protoculs of Zion the manuals for the Jews, Roths & Rocks.

Secret Societies and the Secret Government with FEMA, gun control etc.

He lost his leg after being run off the road when he first tried to get information out. Ended up being killed 2 weeks after revealing on his radio show top names of the ruling elite.

Much easier to read on paper than emf computer but well worth saving.

++++++++++   Pawns in the Game by William Carr ex-Cdn Naval Intelligence is super fantastic also as he has 2 to 3 footnotes on each page on history that only ex intelligence officers uncover usually. Really good on Napolean mercenary for the Roths, US revolution caused by stopping acceptance of State of Philadelphia Dollars interest free printed on Benjamin Franklins printing press and calling in loans causing 30% unemployment in 2.5 years with drinking, debters prisons, stress and starvation. (some of that is extra by me. He didn't use the word mercenary etc.)

There are people who believe that when Napoleon's general took the Pope captive in 1798, that is when the Roths got control of the Roman Catholic church income, gold, treasures and the Jesuit military espionage arm.

John Coleman link is google search - ex-MI5 intelligence had access to secret records and wrote such books as the Committee of 300. He claims about 599 of 620 of his predictions came true due to his intell background and knowledge.